Hector Guimard - Montreal Metro Square Victoria

Copyright Photo: Victoria Square Metro 1 by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
Square Victoria Metro Station / Saint Antoine Entrance
Restored and Re-inaugurated in September 2003

Copyright Photo: Victoria Square Metro 2 by Montreal Photo Daily, on Flickr
A Touch of Gay Paree

This is an authentic Art Nouveau Parisian metro entrance portico from the Paris M├ętro System. It was given to Montreal in 1967 by the French to commemorate the collaboration of Canadian and French engineers in building our metro system. This cast-iron entrance portico is truly a gem and an important example of the Art Nouveau style. We're very proud to have this because it is also the only authentic Hector Guimard entrance in use on a metro station, anywhere in the world outside Paris. So, whenever you're in town, be sure to check it out! One more reason to visit Montreal? I hope so.


  1. I only wish I could check it out for myself!
    Do they still sell root- and pine-beer in Dominion Square in the summer?

  2. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I saw this metro entrance in person. I'm a fan of Guimard and Art Nouveua.

  3. Take that camera below ground. Photograph what's not here now.

  4. I had no idea - fabulous!

  5. @ Arija: Sorry, I don't know... but will check it out. Fond memories?

    @ Wayne, Birdman & RedPat: Thanks for comments/suggestion.

  6. I would love to tour your city. For now I will through your photos!

  7. nice to see it holding its ground against the monstrous skyscrapers!

  8. I like the Montreal metro! Used to live near metro Jolicoeur many years ago.

  9. I love it- I have a photo of a Parisian Metro station on my wall ;-)

    Happy Canada Day Ken. I shall tune into CBC Radio Canada International this evening- a great radio station.


  10. C'est Fun! C'est jolie! I like, like the Art Nouveau Parisian metro entrance portico! And I really like the sculptures, too!
    Bon weekend

  11. We have the same Paris-style metro entrance! I need to make photo of it, thank you for the idea!

  12. That is beyond cool! Very fun to see it. I heard a few weeks ago about a Montreal company who came up with a great bicycle use system that they are marketing to cities around the globe and wondered if Paris' Velib system had been inspired by them. I guess Montreal is North America's foremost bicycling city.


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